Zao: “Pyrrhic Victory” EP Review


Zao: “Pyrrhic Victory” EP Review

I am a huge fan of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania’s Zao and their last release, The Well-Intentioned Virus, which was released about a year ago. With that in mind, I was pretty excited when Jeff Gretz, the mastermind behind Zao, sent me an advance copy of the new EP, Pyrrhic Victory.

I can tell you this: holy fuck! Pyrrhic Victory demonstrates amazing advancement in style, songwriting, and performance in a very short time, so much so that it boggles the mind. Not only does the EP retain everything that made The Well-Intentioned Virus a great record, but they have totally stepped up their game.

The guitar-work on this bitch is crystal-clear and concise, blast beats from the drums kick you so hard in the ‘nards you may be sterile after listening to this, and the vocals are absolute shredders that rip away skin and muscle down to the bones. Man, I would kill a baby duckling to see Zao live.

Don’t put Zao‘s Pyrrhic Victory on your Christmas list. You want this before December 25. It’s too damned good to wait that long to hear it.

Pyrrhic Victory is out now on Observed/Observer Recordings. Buy it here!