Zakk Sabbath: “Vertigo” Album Review


Zakk Sabbath: “Vertigo” Album Review

Zakk Wylde, Blasko, and Joey Castillo finally decided to go into the studio as Zakk Sabbath and cover the the self-titled debut from Black Sabbath in its entirety under the title Vertigo

Black Sabbath’s now 50-year-old debut is one of the most iconic albums in metal history and is credited as the first real heavy metal album. With high standards to live up to, Zakk Sabbath had to put their all into this, and I’d say they have pretty good results.

I’ve always thought Zakk Wylde’s voice works really well for Black Sabbath’s style, and given that both he and Blasko have played with Ozzy, they do a great job staying true to the original while putting their own spin on it. Castillo is the only one here who hasn’t played with the Prince of Darkness, yet his drumming really blows me away. Bill Ward already had some really stunning drum parts on this record, and Castillo does them justice. Vertigo stays true to the original album, but there are some solos that have been changed up or extended, as well as some sections where the tempo is altered a bit. 

This is definitely a great cover album with excellent production, but to be honest, it led me back to the original. That said, Zakk Sabbath‘s Vertigo is certainly worth a listen.

Vertigo is out now on Magnetic Eye Records. Buy it here!

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