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Xael Debut “In The Hollows Of Pathos” From New Album


Xael Debut “In The Hollows Of Pathos” From New Album

North Carolina’s Rapheumet’s Well have a propensity for crafting metallic sci-fi epics, and vocalist/guitarist Nassaru’s fantasy bent isn’t limited to his main band. He, Sorgiem “Daniel Presnell,” Tuurm “Alex Rush” from Enthean, and Xolotl “Fernando Ortega,” have now launched Xael, a band in a similar space-loving vein.

Xael recently signed with Vancouver, Canada’s Test Your Metal Records, and they are working toward the release of their debut, The Last Arbiter by releasing a song each month. According to the band,

Our music represents a dual mission in terms of its purpose. The songs represent both the Sci-fi lore and serves as a conduit for our own emotions and life endeavors. “In the Hollows of Pathos” is about the immortal’s specific weakness which we call “soul sickness.” This temporarily renders him unconscious and vulnerable as his immortality is only so if he is in a conscious state. Chained to him is ancient and Insidious entity from antiquity which hungers to feed on his life essence as such he has to strive to overcome such. The song represents depression and the need to grow and overcome depression as a disease.

We are pleased to debut “In the Hollows of Pathos” from Xael‘s forthcoming The Last Arbiter. Buy the album here!