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WRVTH: “Into Bloom” Lyric Video Premiere!


WRVTH: “Into Bloom” Lyric Video Premiere!


Formerly known as Wrath of Vesuvius, the Bay Area’s WRVTH will be releasing their new self-titled masterpiece on June 16 via Unique Leader Records, and we have the exclusive stream of another NEW song for your listening pleasure today. Just like you heard from the “Harrowing Winds” single they premiered at No Clean Singing (listen here), “Into Bloom” is unpredictable, raw, and unrelenting. Yes, there are obvious changes in the band’s direction from their previous material, but it’s just as strong, and just as impressive for the listener. For an area known for thrash metal, WRVTH is bringing the technical death metal side of the Bay Area to the forefront, and it absolutely rules. Enjoy the “Into Bloom” lyric video below, and pre-order their self-titled album immediately!