Worm Ouroboros: "What Graceless Dawn" Album Review

One of the year's best!

Worm Ouroboros: "What Graceless Dawn" Album Review

Simply spectacular. From the opening vocals of “Dry,” Worm Ouroboros seduce you in with their Circe-like tones. What Graceless Dawn is an incredibly gorgeous and intricate album from this phenomenal Oakland, California band.

One can’t help but hear the influence of Amber Asylum, of which vocalist/bassist Lorraine Rath has been a member. Though just a three-piece, Worm Ouroboros have produced a record with such depth and colour it’s like listening to an incredible Guillermo del Toro film (one of his good ones, not like Pacific Rim). The shortest song clocks in at nine minutes, giving them time to stretch out and explore each individual piece for as long as it may need to breathe. This is easily, one of the sexiest, most erotic records released in a very long time.

Each song – whether it’s “Suffering Tree,” “Ribbon of Shadow” or “Night” – unfolds like dark-petaled flowers growing in the abandoned garden of some gothic castle. It’s great that this release slipped in release just in time for the upcoming SkullsnBones’ “Top 10 Albums of 2016,” because Worm Ouroboros delivered a contender with What Graceless Dawn.

What Graceless Dawn is out now on Profound Lore Records. Buy it here!

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