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World Gone “Feed The Machine” In New Video


World Gone “Feed The Machine” In New Video

If there’s a phobia of gas masks and green lights, World Gone‘s video for “Feed the Machine” is a nightmare.

Directed and produced by the band, the music video was created in a bunker in their home state of Florida. But according to World Gone, there is more going on than costumes and colors. They write, “‘Feed the Machine’ is a story of human enslavement and the struggle to find a way to finally be free. Afraid of death, future loss, injury, and imprisonment, the majority of humans have become easily controlled and dominated by the powerful few. The greatest resource in history has not been gold or oil, it has been the extortion of other humans. You can’t get a hen to lay more eggs by threatening it but you can get a human to give you his eggs by threatening him. Human fear farming has been the most lucrative trade of all time and even now continues to feed the evil plans for domination of the universe by the bloated, power mad, and greedy Human Coercion Machine.”

Watch “Feed the Machine” from World Gone below!