It’s been two years since Vancouver’s Without Mercy released their Reborn EP, and a lot has changed for the band, most notably a turnover in their vocalist and bassist roles. With new vocalist Alex Friis and studio bassist Tristan Martin, they decided to revisit the album, re-recording and re-releasing the material on the aptly titled Mouichido (“repeat” in Japanese) this May.

Another notable addition to this album is a guest appearance from Mark Hunter of Chimaira on the track “In Waves,” a heavy, chugging workout, and we are proud to deliver to you an exclusive premiere of the guitar playthrough of that track. Not only is there plenty of fleet-fingered riffing on this one, but guitarist DJ Temple delivers while being surrounded by carcasses. Animal carcasses.

“Crazy things happen when your buddy runs a butcher shop and has an open mind,” said Temple. “We shot this video as a playthrough but with a different spin on the concept. There was so much blood and flesh, I almost went vegan. Almost.”

Check out the guitar playthrough for “In Waves” below, and buy Mouichido here!


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