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Witchtrap: "Sorceress Bitch" Album Review


Witchtrap: "Sorceress Bitch" Album Review

Ever wonder what a South American version of Mercyful Fate/King Diamond sounds like? Imagine no longer! Sorceress Bitch is the 2002 album Witchtrap out of Colombia. Together almost 20 years, Witchtrap have honed their approach to black/speed metal as a sharp as a blood-crusted razor blade.

It’s refreshing to hear an album this old sounding as sharp and thrashy today as when it was first released. The production is clean and the playing and vocals are spot on for what they do and the do it pretty damned well. “Dark Lord” starts off the record at breakneck speed and never lets up. With songs such as “Ripping Torment,” “Black Angel” and the title track, Witchtrap show that if they had ever broken out worldwide, they could have been somebodies.

Grab a copy of this record while you can! It’s a re-release in limited numbers and a definite must have for fans of music such as this.

Sorceress Bitch is out now on Hells Headbangers. Pre-order it here!

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