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Witches: “The Fates” Album Review


Witches: “The Fates” Album Review

French death thrashers Witches are back with their new album, The Fates, on their 33rd anniversary. For a band that’s been around for 33 years, they’re still putting out some really intense thrash songs that rank with both modern and old school thrash bands alike.

Witches formed back in 1986 and are credited as being the first French band with a female guttural vocalist. For a band that’s been around for as long as they have, they don’t release music very often, so it’s always exciting when they do. Despite being a shorter album, The Fates packs a hard punch and is really re-listenable.

Each song on the album has a really heavy, old school, thrash vibe but with some unique new life to it. The vocals give it that little extra kick in the heavy direction that makes their sound really special. There are a lot of classic thrashy sections and death-type blast beat sections, and both work really well together. The song “Off The Flesh” does a great job at having these sections trade off back and forth really smoothly, and it’s sick. 

The lyrics and song titles give a Suffocation-like vibe, which makes sense since they recently toured together. A lot of the song writing feels like a cross between Suffocation and Slayer with a twist, which is ideal.

The Fates is a really special album, and it’s really cool to see that bands like Witches are still putting out great music like this.

The Fates is out June 5 on Mighty Spells Records. Buy it here!

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