wintersun - the forest seasons

wintersun - the forest seasons

Wintersun is coming out with documentary episodes faster than we can post them!  God damn!  The Forest Documentary Part 2 is about the crowdfunding and how the whole thing came from an idea to an actual campaign.  It’s nice to hear that their main consideration was having something for us to receive right away rather than having to wait for them to receive the money, then they first start working… this is especially important considering how long Wintersun has taken in the past to put out new material.

You can learn about that and more here in Part 2:

Part 3 – “The Birth of The Forest Seasons” is about the remastering of the debut record, Time I remastering and the live Tuska performance and then also something totally original, “The Forest That Weeps.”  There’s a lot here about the foundation of the new record.  Jari goes into detail on the songs on “The Forest Seasons” and there are some nice long clips to get you excited for its release!

If you haven’t already, support Wintersun in their crowdfunding effort here:–3#/


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