Wintersun Forest Documentary Part 1, “Harsh Reality” Released!


Wintersun Forest Documentary Part 1, “Harsh Reality” Released!

The little kid super-fan inside of me is going fucking crazy right now.  Wintersun is releasing a multi-part documentary about the band, what has been going on, and also the future.  This is far from the recent rants we’ve seen on social sites.  There is insightful commentary, there are clips from the upcoming record and the real story seems to be coming to light.

The band is crowdfunding to build up enough money to build their own studio and the package you receive for spending 50 Euros is pretty fantastic.  Most box sets with this mush stuff would be far more expensive.  They have already reached 153% of their lower-tier goal and they are very close to reaching their main goal of 250k.  It’s almost payday for me and I too will be an owner of some awesome Wintersun goods!  You can check out the crowdfunding campaign here:–3#/

The first part of the documentary features frontman Jari Mäenpää talking about how they got to this point and also some of his personal struggles throughout writing Time I as-well-as other trials that lead to his realization of the Hash Reality they are in.  Check out Wintersun – Forest Documentary Part 1: Harsh Reality right now:

Wintersun will be performing at this year’s 20th Anniversary Tuska Open Air Metal Festival and I can’t wait to hear some of The Forest Seasons live!