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Winterfylleth: “The Reckoning Dawn” Album Review


Winterfylleth: “The Reckoning Dawn” Album Review

After their critically acclaimed acoustic folk album, The Hallowing Of Heirdom, Winterfylleth go back to their black metal roots with The Reckoning Dawn, their first full-length metal album since 2014. Their return to black metal couldn’t have been done better with every great element of their sound present and a long run time that definitely makes the album worth the wait.

To Reckoning Dawn is epic; most of the songs are long and they use that run time perfectly to bring an atmosphere and overall feeling unique to each one. A good example of this is “Absolved In Fire” which uses its nearly 10 minutes perfectly, with a mood-setting acoustic intro that builds into the blast beated, shrieked, wonderful blackened rest of the song. Winterfylleth do a great job at keeping the songs interesting given their length.

Winterfylleth show that they can do so much and keep it interesting even across different genres. To come back to heavy music after an acoustic folk album is a lot for any band, but to be able to do both so well shows that these guys have some serious talent. The Reckoning Dawn is an album that you want to get lost in and that is an amazing feeling.

The Reckoning Dawn is out May 8 on Candlelight/Spinefarm. Buy it here!

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