Wilson: “Right To Rise” Video Released!

Wilson is one of the most exciting bands in hard rock and metal, and not only because of their amazing music and live show, but because they are one of the hardest working bands out there. That was obviously a major factor into their new video, as they take you through Detroit to show you where they came from with amazing pride! The bringers of “Full Blast Fuckery” said this on the “Right To Rise” clip: “When we wrote the song we wanted to tell a story about the area of the world we live in. After traveling so much the past few years we realize the magnifying glass that the media has put on Detroit has damaged not only our city’s image but more importantly our peoples’ image. We all struggle with life’s weight no matter where we live in this world…our peoples’ story is not unlike the millions of other people out there put against the wall daily, cast aside as underdogs and thought of as “already dead”. It’s through the struggle to survive in those conditions that we create our strengths.What we’ve tried to achieve visually is to tell a story thru the POV of a pack of dogs moving thru the blight of our city; the places most identifiable to the rest of the world. The abandoned house the band is performing in starts to crumble as the “underdogs” move from the rubble of our past into the present parts of Detroit’s rebuild, showing our people coming together in strength to unite as one. It’s a picture of hope and growth through hard work, resilience and ingenuity, while honoring our past as we rise towards our future.

Blast the “Right To Rise” video below, and if you dig it, pick up their new album today!



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