Well, I can honestly say “WOW” when I think about all the responses we got to this.  [IF YOU MISSED PART ONE, GO HERE: http://snblnk.com/253 ] Some were dumb, some were pretty awesome, and some were right that I had spelled Tony Iommi‘s name wrong reducing my credibility to the size of a pea. I’ve fixed it and now you’ll never know the difference!!

That said, some of you suggested more ‘greats’ to add to the list. Some people also made the point which I was making to my friend in the initial conversation that sparked this search in the first place, that you really can’t crown just one individual and call them the ‘King of Metal’. I think Alice from the L’amour the Rock Capitol of Brooklyn states this sentiment pretty well and titles the forefathers pretty well, “If Halford is GOD, and Ozzy is a prince, then who [is] King? Ummmm…” and then, “I put my vote in for Dio.

Geoff Tate
Geoff Tate

You can’t really say one without justifying some others. It’s impossible! One thing I CAN do for sure is knock some names out of this list. First I’ll start by telling some people why their suggestions don’t work. Geoff Tate… I get why he would be suggested but when I think of metal as a whole and think who is the king of it I definitely don’t imagine Geoff Tate sitting on the throne. Royalty? Definitely. King? Not in my opinon. Phil Anselmo was also suggested. Again, someone with powerful metal representation but he is easily outshined by Dimebag and that’s a fact.

In the Thrash Til Death group on Facebook there is a healthy debate going on about this whole thing. Some saying the question is invalid (on par with my original sentiment) and others saying I’m an idiot for suggesting Maynard. Fuck you! But you might be right, so fair point.

King Diamond is essentially the fighting point in that group with Matthew making the point that, “King Diamond is equally if not more worthy of the title of metal king as Dio, in fact I’m hard-pressed to think of another person who has made as much of a lasting impression on the genre (both musically and aesthetically) in addition to creating a persona that so perfectly captures everything metal is about.” I totally disagree with Matt here. I’ll give it to him that he is the undisputed king of a subgenre of metal and his influence has a huge outreach, but he’s certainly not the king of all metal genres.  If you remember, the definition of ‘king’ is, “a person or thing preeminent in its class.”

King Diamond
King Diamond

King Diamond is not the preeminent person in all of metal.

There is a very valid point in favor of Dio from my friend Lou from the Big Lou Doom Crew group on Facebook, “Dio gets my vote….some may argue that Ozzy should be the King. But being the 1st doesnt make one King. If that was the case, Little Richard would be the King of Rock n Roll, not Elvis. Dio gave us our universal sign, the m/etal horns! & imo was the greatest Metal singer ever. Dio wears the crown in my book brother.

I have to say when it comes to contributions to the metal world, Dio really does take the cake.  The metal horns?  This is the international sign the we use across all genres of heavy music.  THEN you add the bad-assery of his talents.  It’s a powerful case for him to be crowned ‘king’.

So if you take all of the above, scatter in some votes for Kerry King and one for Alexi Laiho (really?) and you’ve got a lot of debate going on. I suppose being the moderator it’s my responsibility to point out the pretty obvious frontrunners at this point.  No one has stood up in favor of Dimebag, James HetfieldMikael ÅkerfeldtMaynard James Keenan (again, sorry!), Steve HarrisZakk WyldeTony Iommi or Marty Friedman.  That’s a pretty easy way to wipe them off the list.  My opinion wins cuz I’m typing this post so I’m vetoing King Diamond.  Sorry Matthew!

The list as it stands now?

Ronnie James Dio
Ozzy Osbourne
Rob Halford
Kerry King

How the hell do I pick from these four?  No idea, but I’m going to brainstorm and come up with some sort of order for it.  Honestly, I’m leaning toward Dio or Halford.  Uuuuuugh.  Who is the King of Metal?  I’ll make some sort of drunken, uneducated opinion in the final installment.  Stay tuned!