I have always found it interesting that the Italians seem to have an inordinate fixation with the American Southwest. What is it about the sun-scorched deserts of the U.S. that seem to universally appeal to our European friends? From the classic Sergio Leone films starring Clint Eastwood to this latest album by Whiskey Ritual, there is just something about cactus, gila monsters and a barren sandy landscape that seems to resonate with these paesanos.

Blow with the Devil is the perfect soundtrack to being trapped in an abandoned mine shaft while being hunted by a family of inbred radioactive mutants hellbent on either breeding with you or eating you. This is the score to a methamphetamine-fueled run through the darkness with the breath of death two feet behind you. Music like this is meant to make your heart race, your pulse quicken and your mind to reel in fear at just what will happen to you if you stop for one second. Blast beat guitars are propelled along by drums that crush your skull overlaid with lyrics that are so indecipherable they sound as if they are sung by the truly mad.

With this album, Whiskey Ritual prove themselves to be the perfect band to play as you’re making a midnight run between Barstow and Vegas in a modern day remake of  Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!

Blow with the Devil is out now on Art of Propaganda!

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Whiskey Rituation - Cover


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