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The Greatest Metal Tour Of All TimeOften times when SkullsNBones is wearing the ‘interviewer hat’ we ask artists what they think would be most awesome tour lineup for their band. Would you want to open for Metallica? Would you want to share the stage with Led Zeppelin? Would you like to rock out with Motörhead? It’s a question that almost always garners both a unique answer, and a look into the mind of the person we’re asking about how they perceive their band.

With that in mind, I thought it might be interesting to find out what some of you think would be the coolest lineup for a tour of any band with any lineup throughout metal history. What would be the greatest metal tour ever? It’s not as simple as you might think! The only caviat I’ll add to this is that you can’t add your own band to the lineup! I’ll give it a stab first:

Pantera – Motorhead – Lamb of God – Slayer – Opeth – Obscure – Behemoth – Wintersun

Wall Of DeathOkay, so getting the bands, not easy, but not terribly hard either. Here comes the hard part… lineup and performance order. Starting with the opening act:

  1. Wintersun (current lineup) – this is currently one of my two favorite bands but they haven’t toured to the US for me to see them and they took forever to record the follow-up CD.  So while I would kill to see them live, I can’t give them anything but the opening slot.
  2. Obscura (lineup is extremely difficult to pick because there were so many changes but since I like the modern sound I’m gonna go with the 2008 version) I have these guys on second because they’re fucking amazing and they have wowed me on several albums and live.  This show is heating up already.
  3. BehemothBehemoth (current lineup) – I missed them on tour and so now I can only go by what everyone tells me, and that is that Behemoth’s live show is even better than what you think it might be like.  Their albums destroy my mind and I couldn’t imagine the greatest tour of all time to go on without them.
  4. Opeth (since this is hypothetical anyway I’m going to say the current lineup but with Martin Lopez on drums) – These guys are a huge influence on my band and on me musically so there’s no way I could forget them.  The only caveat here is that they can’t just play soft shit.  There needs to be an awesome balance that leans more toward the heavy and with flavor from the light.  That’s where Opeth excels and that’s what I’d want to see here.
  5. Lamb of God (Adler brothers lineup) – I can’t remember just how many times I’ve seen Lamb live but every time is awesome.  Every song is like a major hit to me and that’s why I’ll call them the first headliner for my tour.
  6. Motörhead (lineup is a tough one to pick but I’m going with the current one) – Legendary.  Fucking legendary.  That’s why.
  7. Slayer (1980’s lineup with Lombardo) – Slayer after Motörhead is really to bring you to your knees before my final headliner cuts your head off.
  8. PanteraPantera (you know what fucking lineup) – This would be the ultimate headliner without question.  I might actually cry, haha.

Well, there ya have it! That’s my lineup for the Greatest Metal Tour Ever.  I bet my mind will change tomorrow but I’ve had this list ready and I’ve been staring at it and it seems to feel right.

Now it’s your turn, let’s see what you’ve got!  What do you think the Greatest Metal Tour of All Time would be?