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What The Actual Fuck? (Metal Hammer) Readers Choose Babymetal For Best Album Of 21st Century

Did they miss the mark? YES!

What The Actual Fuck? (Metal Hammer) Readers Choose Babymetal For Best Album Of 21st Century

Either Babymetal‘s marketing team pushed this shit hard as hell or the metalheads who read Metal Hammer magazine are fucking stupid.  Babymetal is shit, and even if you like that electronic sound there are plenty of bands out there that do it without compromizing all of the aspects that make metal awesome.  But let’s put my opinion about this childrens’ band aside for a moment and let’s think about all of the albums that have come out in the 21st century that didn’t even make the top ten on this list.

First I want to mention one of my favorite bands, Lamb of God.  Metal as fuck? Yes.  Deserving of recognition? Yes.  But not only that, they are fucking credible.  Nearly all of their albums have been released in the 21st Century, and in my opinion, Ashes of the Wake, Sacrament and As the Palaces Burn are all way better records, front to back, than most of that top ten list.  I guess Linkin Park has better records than Lamb of God?  Gimmie a fucking break.

In 2001 Fear Factory released Digimortal, sending the entire scene into a frenzy.  The record took the band to new heights and in my opinion, it’s a fucking masterpiece.  But hey, I guess HIM‘s, Dark Light was a more impactful record…  I suppose Avenged Sevenfold‘s, Waking The Fallen is more impressive than anything Gojira have ever done.  I’m not going to keep listing these.

I suppose that a user poll is always going to be unpredictable, and maybe I should take the results of the poll as something refreshing.  After all, if you look at the list of ‘best bands ever’, or, ‘greatest guitar player ever’, it’s always the same results in a slightly different order, isn’t it?  So maybe I should look at this more from the angle that Metal Hammer readers are all Japanese, or maybe they don’t give a shit about truly impactful artistry.

It just bothers the hell out of me that a band which is obviously produced to hell, over digitalized and literally nothing on the record is real, could take the top spot according to people voting.  Did I really miss this shift in the metal scene?  Is my metal family actually putting on Babymetal records and not Slayer Records?

I don’t fucking think so.  I call bullshit on Team Rock or Metal Hammer or whatever we’re supposed to call them these days.  That poll is nonsense and anyone who is participating in a poll for best album of the 21st century should have 100 bands, even if they aren’t metal, on their lists before Babymetal.