West Of Hell: “Blood Of The Infidel” Album Review


West Of Hell: “Blood Of The Infidel” Album Review

West of Hell formed in the mid-2000s in West Auckland, New Zealand, and but they eventually made their way to Vancouver, British Columbia. With their latest offering Blood of the Infidel, we find a band who are getting comfortable with their own take on the venerable speed riffs, blazing solos, and soaring vocals of traditional classic metal while creating an addictive blend for fans. They constantly shift gears between intricate metal riffs, dueling guitar leads, and all out speed, but they do it so deftly that it never comes across as forced.

For those who have been yearning for something timeless yet fresh, new but comfortably familiar, powerfully nostalgic and also exemplary beyond that realm, there’s little to find at fault with this record. Loving in their instrumental craft, meticulous in their knowledge, and an absolute joy to listen to, any metal fan looking for something that takes a classic approach to metal with a modern flair should be give West of Hell a listen.

Blood of the Infidel is out April 1. Buy it here!

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