We’re Going To Vegas, Baby … Psycho Las Vegas


We’re Going To Vegas, Baby … Psycho Las Vegas

We’re going to Vegas, baby!

Yes, you read that correctly. We are headed to this year’s Psycho Las Vegas, and we couldn’t be more excited. While Jason Carlson won’t be attending, Managing Editor Jamie Lee and his trusty sidekick Vic will. And Las Vegas may never be the same.

So what are we excited to see? Oh, you know, seeing Emperor for the third time this year is at the top of the list, Mercyful Fate is a must-see, and Mayhem will give us an opportunity to hail Satan. There are plenty of smaller names on our list as well, such as MGLA, Windhand, Watain, Amigo the Devil, and Midnight.

Will you be joining us in Sin City? If so, get your tickets here, and let’s have a drink. And for those sitting at home over the weekend of August 14-16, stay tuned for plenty of coverage at SkullsNBones.com!