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There are times where I’m listening to music that isn’t exactly groundbreaking, kinda kitschy, probably lambasted by the elitist masses, and yet I can’t help but like it anyway. The band is very audibly having fun doing what they’re doing, and the energy is so infectious, you can’t help but be swept up in it. Wieder Geil!, the new offering from German metal merchants We Butter The Bread With Butter are a lot of fun, even if they don’t really add anything to the genre except a goofy smile and scattered Dixie cups from the party they threw.

Now, make no mistake, this is a metal record through and through. WBTBWB isn’t content to just stick with one genre of metal, though. Wieder Geil! offers up a wide selection: straightforward radio metal with a chorus that will stick in your head for days on end (“Anarchy”), a combination of deathcore and hip-hop that doesn’t suck (“Bang, Bang, Bang”), and one of the bounciest riffs I’ve heard in quite some time (“Berlin Berlin”). That’s not to say all these songs work. They don’t “Thug Life” sounds like fake posturing, and “Rockstar” has one of those glacially paced breakdowns that destroys the momentum of an otherwise solid set of songs. More often than not, however, the band somehow manages to take generic chord progressions and give them extra oomph (“Warum Lieben Wir Nicht Mehr”).

We Butter The Bread With Butter may not be completely original; Wieder Geil! seems to borrow extensively from a sound Bring Me The Horizon championed on Suicide Season a few years ago. However, the energy this album brings absolutely makes up for any wrongdoing, and that may just make Wieder Geil! one of the albums you should absolutely hear this year.

Wieder Geil! is out now on AFM Records. Order it here!

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