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Watercolour Ghosts: “Watercolour Ghosts” EP Review by Megan Elliott!

Watercolour Ghosts: "Watercolour Ghosts" EP Review by Megan Elliott!

Watercolour Ghosts: “Watercolour Ghosts” EP Review by Megan Elliott!

November 27 has come and gone, but it left behind a reissue of Perth’s progressive rock outfit Watercolour Ghosts‘ self-titled debut EP. Having only been in existence for a grand total of three years, the Australians actually make quite an impression with these six tracks.

From opening track, “Like Animals,” a whole range of influences are seeping through, right from the shoegaze-esque, atmospheric clean intro to the commercial, rock-y chorus. Initially, the vocals just feel a little too meek, but as the song reaches its peak around the three-minute mark it all starts to make sense. What becomes more and more interesting as the EP plays through is the amount of subtleties that it contains that could easily be missed if not listened to with headphones. From the prominent, grooving bass of “Breathe” to the complex guitar arrangements in “Collapse,” it’s all there to be experienced and enjoyed with some solid listening gear.

Although the tracks generally follow the same theme with slow-paced verses and loud, ballsy choruses, there’s something quite magical about “Despondent”. The darkness of the track created by Devil Sold His Soul-esque layered guitars and Drew James Griffiths‘ melancholic , pleading vocals really hits a nerve and leaves a mark. This is easily the strongest track on the EP where the quintet’s individual talents each shine through and nail it.

Perhaps the main concern with Watercolour Ghosts is that, within a world where there are progressive metal and rock acts coming out of our ears, there’s a high chance that the beauty of their material could get missed. But what the hell, at present, this is essentially an up-and-coming band in need of growing it’s fanbase and developing it’s sound. Let’s just hope they get the recognition they deserve because, in all honesty, there’s more to Watercolour Ghosts than what’s on offer with this EP, hold tight, it will be worth it.

Watercolour Ghosts is self-released and out now. Buy it here!

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