Watch Vektor Debut "Psychotropia" Live, And Get More "Terminal Redux" Details!

Are you ready for new Vektor music in your ear holes? Hell yes you are! The awesome dudes have now confirmed that they will be releasing their new album, “Terminal Redux,” on May 6th via Earache Records! They’ve already unleashed the “Ultimate Artificer” single late last year, but today we know a lot more about the upcoming record! “Terminal Redux” will be the band’s first ever concept album, and here’s the concept: “The story begins with a lone astronaut regaining his memories after being sentenced to an isolation testing program. Near the point of death in his damaged spacecraft, he finds a life-rejuvenating molecule within a stellar nebula that will change the course of his fate and many others. He brings a large haul of his newly discovered prize to the Cygnus regime, a vast galactic empire, in hopes of regaining his status as a high-ranking general. Years of isolation have turned him into a power-hungry tyrant that will stop at nothing to usurp the people who banished him. Through terror tactics and brute force, he incites a coup within Cygnus and gains control. Using the life-rejuvenating molecules from the stellar nebula, he grants the people under his rule extended life. His goal is to achieve perfect, cosmic harmony within his domain and bring balance to the war torn planets: something that no intelligent life-form has ever been able to accomplish.

Sounds interesting right? Right! Vektor has never disappointed musically, and now that there’s a concept added to the musical brilliance, “Terminal Redux” just might be their best record yet! The guys are currently debuting new material on their run with Voivod, and we have footage of “Psychotropia” for you below! Break your neck to the new track below, and be sure to pre-order “Terminal Redux” today!



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