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Watch Opeth Perform “Ghost Reveries” Live In Los Angeles!

Watch Opeth Perform "Ghost Reveries" Live In Los Angeles!

Watch Opeth Perform “Ghost Reveries” Live In Los Angeles!

The great Opeth finished celebrating the 25th Anniversary of “Ghost Reveries” with two sold out nights in Los Angeles over the weekend. Last week I got to witness this show for my own eyes in New York, and I’m still trying to recover from it. Hearing one of the most important albums of our time flawlessly played from start to finish in the incredible Beacon Theater truly took my breath away, and it was a night I’ll never forget. I tried to write a review the next day, but it was impossible to put that experience into words. Seriously I tried to, but it could not be done. If you missed out on these shows, you missed out on something special. That is a fact.

Just in case you did miss out, we posted footage of the Swedish legends performing the classic record live over in Europe a few weeks ago(watch it again here), and today we have amazing footage by TheRealConcertKing of their Los Angeles performance! Enjoy the brilliance below!