Last night the Metal God himself, Rob Halford, appeared on The Simpsons, as a voice over, and it was AWESOME(even though they called them death metal)! It’s not everyday that two of my favorite things, Judas Priest and The Simpsons, come together, so this was the perfect way to end the weekend! The plot of the episode was this: “Homer is taught by Bart how to illegally download films, and he starts screening them in his backyard for folks in Springfield.An overzealous FBI director in charge of anti-piracy subsuqently goes after Homer, and Halford winds up singing a parody of the JUDAS PRIEST classic “Breaking The Law” in an effort to nab Homer.

Did you miss the episode? Well you’re in luck! The people at are streaming the entire episode right here! If you only want to watch the part with the heavy metal icons, check out the YouTube clip below!! Raise your horns to the Metal God on one of the best television shows EVER! COPYRIGHT LAW!



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