Dave Mustaine‘s episode of “Rock Icons” aired on Vh1 Classic over the weekend, and it’s a must see for metal fans everywhere. The Megadeth front man discussed everything from Metallica, to wine, to his life now, and much more! In case you missed it, you can watch the full episode below, along with reading some of the best excerpts from the show too! Enjoy!

What keeps Dave Mustaine going: “For me, wanting to be the best is something that has driven me for a very long time. And wanting to be the biggest band in the world… well, that’s not gonna happen. But having some self-respect, being able to know that there aren’t very many people that can do what you do…that’s cool.”

On early Metallica: “There was a feeling that James and I had when we would stand next to each other and play. I think people saw that there was a real brotherhood there. We were a really great guitar duo.

His accomplishments so far: “Megadeth’s music and myself, we’re just a testimony of being victorious. When you look at everything that’s happened, where this has all come full circle right now — making money, doing the wine. It’s a celebration of life.

Watch Dave Mustaine‘s full episode of “Rock Icons” below!

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