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Watch Attila Cover Tormentor On Stage With Watain!

Watch Attila Cover Tormentor On Stage With Watain!

Watch Attila Cover Tormentor On Stage With Watain!

Watain, Mayhem and Rotting Christ just wrapped up their “Black Metal Warfare” tour here in North America, and what a run it was. Each band brought their full live show to each gig, and the end result was pure chaos!

Here’s what Mayhem had to say on the trek: “Black Metal Warfare PT.II Was a successful tour indeed. Our brothers in WATAIN & Rotting Christ killed it every night. To sum it up: booze, guns, cm, Sean’s bison chili, hungover, worshipping ov ze devil, blood, buy outs, bad monitoring, Alvaro’s broken bass, countless miles on the buss, puke, decapitation of a deer in the highway, no sleep, too much sleep, broken strings, ass smell,Attila’s broken knee, gravy & lard, snow, jazz, pneumonia,knives,backdrops,shower hose,road aids,egg that didn’t hatch,too much smoking, counting merch, pig heads,piss,arguments,Dr. Pelle,no towels, fans onstage,who ate my food?, boring days off,cursing,Philly cheese steaks,out of water on the buss, stinking stage clothes,sound checks,loves, no shower today,who put paper in the bus toilet?, messy bus,helluva great gigs and good times.

Watain added: “And so it is done! A massive salute to everyone involved in making Black Metal Warfare pt II one of the most memorable tours we have done in the States. A special mention to our US road crew: Justin, Steve, Joe, Tore, Anne, Caitlin and Dustin, who kept the war ship afloat with iron determination. Further acknowledgement goes to the Watain Disciples for their overwhelming support. Finally: hail to Mayhem and Rotting Christ for letting their ancient deathnoise loose every night. Well fought!

While I’m sure there are moments at each gig that fans will forever remember, one special moment happened right here in Brooklyn. Watain was joined on stage by Mayhem‘s Attila to perform “Beyond” by Tormentor, and it ruled everything. Watch a ton of fan footage of that performance below! This is pure evil at it’s finest!