Watain: “Trident Wolf Eclipse” Album Review

Despite the ever-growing hordes of black metal bands from the United States and abroad, few capture the danger harbored in the early days of the genre. Leading the charge of those who exude the aggression of the Norwegian trailblazers from the early ‘90s are Watain, and they are back and more evil than ever. Trident Wolf Eclipse, their sixth studio release, is an intense, intimidating, and blasphemous blast of nine soon-to-be classics.

The putrid reek of death wafts in the dank atmosphere of Trident Wolf Eclipse. It rises from the fiery blasts of the album-opening “Nuclear Alchemy,” it imbues the shape shifting “Furor Diabolicus,” and propels the epic, brooding album closer, “Antikrists Mirakel.” The trio drape these tracks with varying hues of black, from the stripped-down and rib-rattling to the grandiose, all bolstered by an undercurrent of menace. It echoes through the instrumentation, the lyricism, and Erik Danielsson’s venomous rasp, which rides high on some tracks and is shrouded by distortion on others. The band have grown more powerful in their trademark style, and they stand alone at the precipice of their unholy niche.

Watain continue to exceed the black metal lore that has hung dead around the neck of the scene like a rotting albatross. Trident Wolf Eclipse is yet another proclamation that they are true demons in the flesh, espousing their brutal message through this all-consuming, apocalyptic soundtrack.

Trident Wolf Eclipse is out January 5 on Century Media Records. Buy it here!

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