The almighty Watain performed their only U.S. ritual for the summer this past Sunday night in Brooklyn and held nothing back. Right as the flames lit up the venue and the band appeared on stage, we all knew that we were about to witness something special. Once the music kicked in, the pit exploded, and the tone was set for the night. As they performed each track flawlessly, the intensity of the room escalated, and it overflowed into chants that echoed off the walls. With each lyric screamed into the air, and with every riff rattling your bones, you simply lost yourself in the moment, and it became much more than a concert. They immerse themselves in their beliefs, and spread the message to the audience in an honest and mesmerizing display, and although the set was just over an hour, it was a show that no one will soon forget. Watain promised blood, fire and death, and they delivered on every level. Now we can only sit back and wait until we are fortunate enough to witness this incredible display of extreme metal again in the future. After the set I witnessed on Sunday, hopefully it’s sooner rather than later. m/

Check out our exclusive live photos from our friends at Sinestra Studios, as well as seventeen minutes of footage from UNARTIGNYC below!

Watain (FB)-4

Watain (FB)-6

Watain (FB)-9

Watain (FB)-13




Watain (FB)-11

Watain (FB)-19

Watain (FB)-37

Watain (FB)-34

Watain (FB)-47

Watain (FB)-49

Watain (FB)-29

Watain (FB)-41

Watain (FB)-20





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