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Warbringer are more than a nostalgic “re-thrash” group, although these guys may have a traditional 80’s thrash sound, especially on their previous releases. That said, IV: Empires Collapse brings a whole new light to Warbringer.  The musicianship and songwriting has improved drastically here, and they etch their own sound onto the metal scene.  The sound is definitely thrash, but with punk influences mixed throughout.  Comparisons to Havok, Revocation, early Death Angel and Evile are unavoidable, but IV: Empires Collapse will stand on it’s own as Warbringer‘s best yet.

“Horizon” blazes from speakers as the first song, and it is what expect from Warbringer, but with better production.  It’s a total ass-kicker!  The album winds in and out of different sounds.  “The Turning of the Gears” sounds more like post apocalyptic Ministry than thrash, but “Hunter-Seeker: the band’s signature sound to the front again. “Leviathan” is about as doomy as thrash can get, but they pull it off.  “Off With Their Heads!,” “Towers of the Serpent” and “Scars Remain” are worthy of mention, and the entire album is put together well.

Warbringer have brought some serious thrash to the table this time, but by adding their own dimension, they have distanced themselves from other “re-thrash” bands.

IV: Empires Collapse is out now on Century Media Records.

Rating: 4/5 stars