Vision Of Disorder: “Razed To The Ground” Album Review by Jason Z!

Vision of Disorder have been clawing their way up the heavy music ladder since 1992. They dance a fine line between melody and hardcore, but have their own sound and formula. It’s a travesty that these guys haven’t received more respect in the past, but with Razed To The Ground, that’s about to change. Vocalist Tim Williams might be one of the most versatile singers in metal today. He has the innate ability to take things from brutal hardcore, to a trance-like, Lane Staley flavored melody. It’s killer.

“Heart Of Darkness” comes tearing out at you from the start, and these guys are pissed, plain and simple. Fierce, pummeling drums and razor-sharp guitar riffs go straight for your jugular. “Hours In Chaos” brings forth more melody, but is no less brutal. The gang-style vocals will raise the hairs on your neck. “Electric Sky” is my favorite here, and Williams brings his A-game with a churning, grinding, Alice In Chains-like chorus that is simply fucking brilliant. His vocals also remind me a bit of Sal Abruscato of A Pale Horse Named Death/Type O Negative. The title track is straight-to-the-gut hardcore insanity. Brendan Cohen is an animal on the drums. “Craving” has a mixture of all the previous songs. The clean vocals on the chorus are, once again, killer. “Cut My Teeth” is more melodic and interesting. The guitar harmonies, tag-teamed with the vocals, make the song. “Red On The Walls” continues the pummeling and actually kind of reminds me a bit of Marilyn Manson. “Severed Wing” delivers a hefty dose of Vison of Disorder at lightning speed and never loses a touch of melody. “Nightcrawler” is slower and darker, a slithering, heavy mass oozing over your psyche. “Amurdica A Culture Of Violence” is a perfect song to take the album out. It has a more traditional Vision of Disorder sound, and the chugging, rolling bass lines are killer!

Vision of Disorder have created their masterpiece on Razed to the Ground. It’s absolutely an awesome album, front to back.

Razed To The Ground is out November 27th on Candlelight Records. Pre-order it here!

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Vision of Disorder - Razed Cover

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