VIDEO SURFACES OF RANDY BLYTHE'S ALLEGED MURDER INCIDENT!First things first, watch the video cuz that’s why you clicked to get here, then ready my quick analysis.

Alright, now that you’ve seen what I’ve seen, you can tell that these charges are absolute bullshit.

  1. First, who the fuck is that dude who helps Randy throw that kid off the stage? SECURITY. Randy can’t one-arm a dude like that.
  2. Second, that kid takes a running start AND jumps at the end of it, showing that he is alive and well and having a good fucking time getting chucked off the stage.
  3. Finally, why is this kid on the stage in the first place? Because security was doing a shit job and endangering both the band and the audience by not protecting either.

This whole thing is a sham and I am disgusted at the fact that the police in Prague, and the press in the Czech Republic have not been giving Randy a fair shake. I’m getting ready to fly over and protest. Who’s angry enough to go with me?

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