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Victorius: “To The Death” EP Review


Victorius: “To The Death” EP Review

We’ve got some Scottish heavy metal coming your way. Victorius, formed around 2007 and had been rocking their homeland before taking a hiatus. In January 2017, drummer Ryan Shepherd contacted vocalist/lead guitarist John Brandon and bassist John Gibbons to reunite. Shortly afterwards, guitarist Stewart Kennedy joined the crew. They soon performed with Satan’s Empire and went on to perform multiple gigs as well as a festival in London in the summer of this year. Victorius‘ current EP, To The Death, is a majestic contribution to our forever growing metal scene, particularly if you enjoy power metal or the NWOBHM genre and style.

“Breaking Down the Walls” opens the album with guitar riffing that captures the fire of the old days and races off in Maiden-like fashion. They very aware of their heritage and push forward to broaden their ambitions on the album, a definite feeling of both old and new mixed in that will appeal to both younger and older fans. While the production and dramatic passages at times to hark back to the early ’80s, perhaps showing that there isn’t a thousands of dollars budget behind them, this adds to the charm and authenticity of the album which is bound to bring a smile. We continue on with “Silver Bullet” and “Prepare to Rock,” both energetic and powerful and as sharp as daggers.

The EP ends with two amazing songs – “To The Death” and “Rise From The Flames” – both of which are brimming with passion and a palpable energy. Here’s to more heaviness from the Scottish realm of Victorius.

To the Death EP is out now. Buy it here!

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