What do you get when you take a huge wall of stoner/doom metal, cross it with a favorable amount of the good NWOBHM, then top it with a massive riff?  You get the aptly titled Venomous Maximus.  This Texas band knows how to properly take their influences and meld them into their own brand of metal. Huge thanks to Napalm Records for picking this one up and re-releasing Beg Upon the Light!

Greg Higgins’ vocals are infectious throughout this entire offering.  His sound is piercing and dark, ranging from melodic to angry and snarling.  He is also the lead guitar player, and along with Christopher Larsson, they throw out some of the dirtiest melodic riffs and leads out there!  The rhythm section of bassist Trevi Biles and drummer Bongo keep the low-end solid at all times.

From the opening notes of “Funeral Queen” to the closer, “Hell’s Heroes,” you are in for a ride through occult-laced fantasies that will leave you thirsting for more. This album took up a lot of my scheduled review time, simply because I couldn’t quit listening to it!  Venomous Maximus stretch the entire gamut of metal here.  The proper kick-ass songs here are “Path of Doom,” “Moonchild,” “Venomous Maximus,” “Give up the Witch,” “Battle for the Cross,” and “Hell’s Heroes.”  Venomous Maximus really shine on “Father Time” and “Mother’s Milk,” utilizing melody to enhance the beauty of the songs.

While other bands trudge in the doom genre, imitating and sounding unoriginal, Venomous Maximus take the lonely road and score big with Beg Upon the Light.

Beg Upon the Light is out now on Napalm Records.

Rating: 5/5 Stars