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Venom Prison: “Samsara” Album Review


Venom Prison: “Samsara” Album Review

The world is changing, and music is a reflection of that change. As we spiral down a dark endless pit, metal is usually at the forefront of that change, not afraid to take a look in that darkness and beat the hell out of it.

One of premier bands taking a swing at the musical senses is Venom Prison. Over the past few years, they have quickly risen to the top and have made a name for themselves. With their new album, Samsara, scheduled for release on March 15, they continue to deliver a punishing and uncompromising stance in what they believe in and what they want to accomplish with their music.

“Lyrically, Samsara is a more personal offering as a vocalist. I wanted to talk about my own experiences of suffering and rebirth,” remarks Larissa Stupar. Her caustic delivery is laced with themes of femininity as she navigates her way around sacrifice, self-destruction and sadistic rituals. Interlinked with self-analysis and discovery.

“I want to sing about things that matter to me,” adds Stupar.

If this doesn’t motivate people to listen to Venom Prison have to say, then maybe the music itself will. To put it bluntly, this album rips freaking hard. Each song is powerful in delivery, content and density. And with density, I mean that each time you listen to this album, you find something new to bang your head to in agreement, mouthing the words “fuck yeah,” even if to yourself.

One my favorite songs is “Self Inflicted Violence.” With a mid-tempo intro gearing you up for fast breakdowns and blast beats to the face out of nowhere. Such a dizzying frantic pace, I feel like I just came off roller coaster once the song is over. And this is just one song.

Having listened Venom Prison‘s Samsara every day for past two weeks, it is clear that this year is shaping up to deliver some killer albums. This might be on every metal website’s top 10 of 2019 list.

Samsara is out March 15 on Prosthetic Records. Buy it here!

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