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Venom Prison: "Animus" Album Review

If album covers could talk!

Venom Prison: "Animus" Album Review

Venom Prison are some of the new kids on the block in the European death metal scene, and their pedigree hints that they were born for this! Animus displays a brutal, ear-shredding combination of death metal and hardcore, and they truly show no mercy, even on the slower sludgier song parts. Vocalist Larissa Stupar sounds like she gargles with acid twice daily. Her shrieks fall somewhere between Barney Greenway of Napalm Death and John Tardy of Obituary, and she gets her point across very well.

“Syllogism” opens up the album with sound bites amid a doomy sounding aura. “Abysmal Agony” then bursts out with a rabid scream and blast beats. It’s riff heavy, fast and punishing. “Celestial Patricide” follows a similar formula, but it adds some hardcore-like breakdowns and bit of melodic guitar shredding. “Desecration of Human Privilege” slows it down a bit mid-song, but it doesn’t lose the heaviness. If anything, it’s more brutal with a Napalm Death feel to it. “Corrode the Black Sun” is my favorite here. It’s blistering fast in parts, but then slow and brutally heavy in others. It builds to a massive finish before ending with an acoustic outro. “Perpetrator Emasculation” is as punishing as the song title sounds, and the chugging riffs, blast beats and screaming guitars are completely over the top. When it dives into a riff-heavy breakdown, you can almost feel the pit around you going insane!

Venom Prison are out for blood with their debut album. It is everything you could ever ask for in a death metal album, albeit with bits of grind and hardcore thrown in. I can’t wait to see this band on tour!

Animus is out October 14 on Prosthetic Records. Pre-order it here!

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