Vectis: “No Mercy For The Weak” EP Review


Vectis: “No Mercy For The Weak” EP Review

No Mercy for the Weak is the first EP from the teenage blackthrashers Vectis who gained a cult following after their debut demo was released last year. This five-song release is just 15 minutes long, but in that short time, they’re able to pack a punch and make you want to hear more.

The guitar work throughout No Mercy for the Weak is probably what stands out the most. Each song starts with a guitar riff on its own before the other instruments join in. All of the riffs on here are really good, but having all of the songs start the same way leaves beginnings sounding a little repetitive, although that changes once the song really kicks in.

Another thing that stood out to me were the vocals. Since the lyrics are so brutal it only makes sense for the vocals to be this brutal as well, and the vocalist has a certain raspiness in his voice that leads to the perfect delivery for blackthrash. With a title like No Mercy For The Weak and a cover like this one, you can expect the lyrics to be pretty brutal and you would be right with lines on the title track including, “Mutilated corpses, Agonizing voices, Cries of despair, None of you shall be spared”.

No Mercy for the Weak seriously left me wanting to hear more and I’m sure that’ll come with time but I kind of wish that they just made another full song instead of the intro track “invocation spells”. To me it doesn’t really feel like there’s much of a point for it to be on here, half of it is really slow and gallopy which is the opposite of the rest of the EP.

This is pretty solid for Vectis first real release, I’m excited to see how they evolve in the future.

No Mercy for the Weak is out now on Helldprod. Buy it here!

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