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This is not what I was expecting to blast from my speakers after looking at the cover art, depicting a happy astronaut casually floating in a no-gravity zone. Vattnet Viskar are an enigma of modern metal. They offer up a plate of post-black metal, combined with a dose of sludgy doom and some prog, just to keep it interesting. It’s very intriguing and captivating at the same time, like if you took elements of early Mastodon and add some Neurosis, some Alcest, a bit of The Ocean, some good old-fashioned black metal, and chopped it all together. This would come close to the sound on “Settler.” They are exceptional at layering their brand of atmospheric metal with intricate melodies and blast beats.

Dawnlands” opens with ear-shattering feedback, then launches into a ferocious tempo before breaking into a melodic section laced with throat grating vocals and a searing guitar. “Colony” brings the melody element further forward, but keeps the worship of a solid riff first and foremost. “Yeam” slowly builds to a massive, sinister crescendo. It’s deep and mysterious, yet textured and layered at the same time. “Impact” is gargantuan, and the riff is ominous, the swirling guitars are tranquilizing, and the vocals are hypnotic and almost tribal feeling. This song is both beautiful and brutal. “Glory” is my favorite here. It defines what Vattner Viskar are capable of creating. It’s slower but massively heavy. The break with the screaming and melodic guitars is breathtaking.  The monster groove at the end of the solo is crushing!

Vattnet Viskar are able to encompass the entire range of human emotions and walk a razor’s edge of different metal genres to bring them to life. Every song on Settler is a journey, and I can’t get enough of this album!

Settler is out June 16th on Century Media Records. Pre-order it here!

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