Various Artists: “We All Want Our Time In Hell – A Tribute To Samhain” Album Review

Samhain were among the biggest bands on my list back in their day. They were played music that was new and unheard of at that time. Glenn Danzig took the legacy of the Misfits and darkened it immensely, leading them to influence bands to this day. We All Want Our Time In Hell is the best tribute to Samhain ever assembled, and the artists picked to do most of the covers do a phenomenal job of not only making the song their own, but preserving the integrity of the original.

Joel Grind starts the album off with his cover of “Night Chill.”  It’s spooky and moody just like the original, but it has an updated aura. “Mother of Mercy,” handled by Midnight, brings the vocals a bit more forward than the original, which adds more of an abrasive feel.  They do a great job on one of my all time favorite Samhain songs. “In My Grip,” performed by Nil Eye (a side project of Child Bite Singer Shawn Knight) is nothing short of amazing.  It sounds a bit like old school Ministry on the vocals, and has an industrial sound without going over the top. Ringworm create chaos with their cover of “Black Dream.” It’s brutal and punishing. Ghoul really takes “Macabre” to the next level, even though at first listen, it sounds a bit overboard. Acid Witch starts off “Halloween II” with a little radio interview snippet of a very young Danzig before launching into their killer version of the song.  It retains the same B-movie feel and is another song that will stay bouncing around in your head for weeks. “Unbridled” by Child Bite has an altogether different feel, but still has that Samhain rawness. “Human Pony Girl” by Brain Tentacles just doesn’t do it for me.  It’s just kind of blah and boring.

Overall, We All Want Our Time In Hell is well put together and a very enjoyable listen.  If you are a Samhain fan of any sort, you should check it out.

We All Want Our Time in Hell comes out May 4 on Corpse FlowerRecords. Buy it here!



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