Valkyrie: “Fear” Album Review


Valkyrie: “Fear” Album Review

Hidey ho, all you Skullsnboners! Que pasa? Hope you are all surviving the summer of isolation and no live shows. In the words of the greatest philosopher of our time, Butthead, “This sucks more than anything that has ever sucked before.”

But one thing that does not suck this summer is the end of five years waiting for the new album, Fear, from
Valkyrie. Was it worth the wait? Fuck to the HELL YEAH! Valkyrie holds a special place in my heart since they hail from my home state of Virginia, so bands from the great Commonwealth get all my love.

How to describe Valkyrie? Glenn Danzig fronting The Black Crowes. Lynyrd Skynyrd if they had decided to be Black Sabbath. Desert/stoner metal Allman Brothers Band. All I know is Fear is absolutely stellar from beginning to end. What is amazing about the record is it’s cohesiveness. It holds together like an ALBUM should. You know … like how they made records back in the olden tymes … the 1970s. Quite frankly, in this day of YouTube videos, releasing single songs with the click of a mouse, and the complete lack of label support for artists, the fact that a band like Valkyrie spent the time, energy and money to produce what they have with Fear is commendable.

The guitarwork is incredible. I mean, I rarely use a word like “soars,” but that’s what the guitars do on this record. They fucking soar! Emotional songwriting, vocals with that touch of southern soul – it has the whole package. And, I really dig the cover, so kudos on the artwork!

Valkyrie deserve a bigger audience. You deserve to hear Fear. Let’s make this happen.

Fear is out now on Relapse Records. Buy it here!

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