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Vale Of Pnath: “Accursed” EP Review


Vale Of Pnath: “Accursed” EP Review

Now that the dust has settled after line-up changes over the years, Vale of Pnath are back with a new EP Accursed aiming to prove they can still kick your eardrums in.  Its categorization as an EP and its length may be confusing, since it contains seven songs, which some bands would call a full album.

Along with the band’s death metal technicality, is a strong layer of black metal. This new direction may draw mixed feelings from those who have come to love the pure tech shred of the band. But for those who are willing to look past this and accept that the band is growing will find that this is still Vale of Pnath at their blackest hearts. And now there is more to dissect apart with each listen. The new music video for the song “The Darkest Gate” gives fans a perfect taste of what the guys have been up to and what to expect. That video is freaking SICK!

Vale of Pnath have created something bold, dark and sinister. There is no doubt that Accursed will shred your flesh apart and melt faces.

Accursed is out now on WillowTip Records. Buy it here!

Vale of Pnath - Accursed - Promo

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