There is no questioning Vader’s commitment to anguish-filled death metal. These Poles are lifers, and they prove it on Tibi Et Igni, their tenth album.

Taking an old school approach that is more aligned with Slayer and Deicide than the current crop of Cookie-Monster-voiced death metal beasts, Vader deliver twists and turns that belie their age and grandfather status. While this can be found throughout Tibi Et Igni, it is most apparent on “Hexenkessel,” which translates to “witch’s cauldron,” and serves up a shape-shifting sonic punch with symphonic subtleties and a massive guitar solo.

It’s nearly impossible to swing a flyswatter in the metal scene without hitting a death metal unit, but few have stood as long and as strong as Vader. Tibi Et Igni is exactly why.

Tibi Et Igni is out now on Nuclear Blast Records.

Rating: 3.5/5 Stars

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