Upon A Burning Body: “Built From War” EP Review


Upon A Burning Body: “Built From War” EP Review

The new EP from Upon A Burning Body, Built from War, blew my expectations out of the water. This short deathcore EP is hard-hitting, energetic, and riff-heavy.

Right out of the gate, “5×3” had me speechless as soon as the main riff came in. There’s a thrashy influence throughout this EP that you don’t tend to see in deathcore, but Upon A Burning Body deliver it well. Something that I love on Built from War is the vocals before a lot of the breakdowns. Although this is common for deathcore, they are done particularly well on this EP, like during “Extermination” where the line “So save your pity for the weak” comes in right before the last breakdown of the album. It hits hard.

On top of the screamed vocals that dominate this EP, there is also a clean chorus for the song “Chains Of Agony” which is also incorporated very well. The instrumentation throughout Built from War is really impressive, with the fast and rhythmic riffs, great melodies, and drum parts that combine the fast thrash element with the deathcore-centered beats.

Built from War is out July 31 on Seek and Strike. Buy it here!

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