Man, it seems like forever since I had a record to review from a New York City band. What was the last one? That killer one from Tower? I do believe it was! So … Stalking the Ghost from Long Island/Brooklyn band Unearthly Trance is, indeed, the titties.

Most of the time, when one hears the description of “stoner” or “sludge,” you think of the Southwestern desert for stoner and Louisiana or San Francisco for sludge. But Unearthly Trance, being from the greater Big Apple area, bring an almost subway tunnel sound to their music. One can imagine hearing these tunes played deep in the bowels beneath Manhattan, their thunderous notes bouncing off the stone walls as CHUD’s form mosh pits in the darkness feasting on Cocker Spaniel sized rats.

Stalking the Ghost is mighty impressive album. It gets the King Rhino “Metal Seal of Approval.”

Stalking the Ghost is our now on Relapse Records. Buy it here!



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