The mighty Unearth released their highly anticipated album, “Watchers of Rule,” last month via eOne Music, and after raging to it for weeks, it’s safe to say I think it’s their finest record yet. With each album this band enhances their own style, and “Watchers of Rule” is the result of that hard work over the years. Each track is absolutely punishing, and the musicianship is absolutely flawless. In other words, if you haven’t picked it up yet, do it now!

Before it’s release, the guys were touring all over, and made a special stop in Philadelphia for the “This Is Hardcore 2014” festival, and absolutely annihilated the crowd! The good people at recently uploaded multi-cam footage of their entire set and it’s badass! The only new song on this set list was “Burial Lines“, which they played second that night, and their classic material brought pure insanity as it always has for the rest of the show! Enjoy it below and pick up “Watchers of Rule” today!

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