Unearth: “Extinction(s)” Album Review


Unearth: “Extinction(s)” Album Review

Get in the fucking pit! That’s the first thing that comes to mind when I hit play on Unearth’s new album Extinction(s). I would advise caution when listening to this while you’re driving, as you may be prone to speeding. Since 2001, Unearth have taken the reigns of metalcore and strangled the hell out of it with precision and dominance over the groove-laden riff.

Unearth‘s latest single, “One With The Sun,” continues on the path of speed, melody and an occasional breakdown section. Lyrically, doom is on the horizon as a warning of our current path. My personal favorite is the first track, “Incinerate,” which was their first single off this album This off-key intro with a thick-layered groove riff sets it off. Having a mid tempo pace lays a perfect track for either headbanging or moshing. Halfway through, some delicious guitar lead work takes over making you want pick up your air guitar and shred along.

Whether if you are a long time fan or new to Unearth, they will leave you grinning with excitement with Extinction(s). Word of warning: Be careful with people directly next you. You make get the urge to smash some shit up once the music begins.

Extinction(s) is out now on Century Media Records. Buy it here!

Unearth - Extinctions - Promo


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