UFO are rock icons and legends, plain and simple. Their prowess and influence from their first 10 years of making music is unmistakable. Their albums Phenomenon, Lights Out, No Heavy Petting, and the incredible live release Strangers in the Night influenced countless bands and set the bar very high. For some reason, UFO never garnered the attention they deserved given that they were one of the most talented bands from that era.

Original vocalist Phil Mogg really shows us what modern-day UFO are capable of on A Conspiracy of Stars. He’s eloquent, charismatic and a staple of their trademark sound. Longtime six-string shredder Vinnie Moore provides the riffs and some screaming solos that will make any new guitarist shake his head in disbelief.

“The Killing Kind” opens with a cool riff and solid, melodic groove. The band is on 10 right out of the gate, and this tune is catchy and upbeat. “Run Boy Run” is a tad darker with a heavier riff, and “Ballad of the Left Hand Gun” is bluesy and ballsy, interlaced with acoustic guitars throughout. Moore’s guitar work here is stellar and is filled with feeling and emotion. “Sugar Cane” is the highlight of the album for me. It just epitomizes the UFO sound and emotion. “Devils in the Detail” has Mogg at the top of his game, and his vocals on this rocker are spot on. “Precious Cargo” is a bit more laid back, but with a serious hook. “One and Only” has an early ’80s feel to it.  It’s upbeat with a cool vibe.

UFO have recorded a seriously great album with A Conspiracy of Stars. It’s a great listen, and if you enjoy any of their classics, you will most certainly like this.

A Conspiracy of Stars is out February 23 in Europe and March 3 in the United States on Steamhammer / SPV Records. Pre-order it here!

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UFO - A Conspiracy of Stars


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