Two New Pantera Compilations Are Coming This Year!

Yes, you read that headline correctly! TWO new Pantera compilations are coming our way this year! “History Of Hostility” is a nine-track primer that includes some of Pantera’s most legendary tracks from all five studio albums, and that compilation will be released on CD and LP on October 30th! Rhino will also be releasing a new boxed set and single disc compilation titled “The Complete Studio Albums: 1990-2000” on December 11th! It will be released as a 5-CD set and as a limited edition 5-LP set on colored vinyl! The LP version of the studio albums box also includes a 7” with two rare, non-albums tracks making their vinyl debut. The first is “Piss,” a song that debuted in 2012 on the “20th Anniversary Edition of Vulgar Display of Power.” The second is “Avoid The Light” from the “Dracula 2000” soundtrack! So that’s something new for you! I’m pretty sure by now that we all own every Pantera album, but these are definitely cool new additions to your collection! Why the hell not? It’s fucking Pantera!



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