Twitching Tongues: “Disharmony” Album Review by Jason Z!

Well, I feel like a fool, given that this is my first listen to anything by California’s Twitching Tongues. Their ability to dance the line between genres is simply fucking amazing! The vast array of influences, from Slayer to Slipknot, from Crowbar to Type O Negative, are there, but never in an overt fashion. Disharmony is a ballistic barrage of riffs melded together with anger. They blend all the great parts of thrash, death, and hardcore into one violent storm. Vocalist Colin Young adds a yin to the yang of the riffs in his tone and melody.  It truly is an album that has to be heard to be truly appreciated.

The title track opens with a melancholy piano intro, then blasts right into your brain with heavy riffs. It’s aura is dark and angst-ridden. “Insincerely Yours” continues the bludgeoning, including a melancholy hint of melody.  You can feel the emotional turmoil going on here. “Asylum Avenue,” my favorite here, is a chugging trainwreck in action. It’s stripped down, almost tribal, and lip-curling aggressive. “Love Conquers None” is spiteful and mournful. Once again, you can feel the pain in Young’s vocals. “Insatiable Sin” is a monster of a song, and the opening riff comes straight at you like a screaming jet!  The chorus is raw and in your face. The Gregorian-like chants in the middle are completely insane. “Cannibal” is an all out thrash fest, and it slowly builds to a brutal, punk-like tempo and leaves you thirsting for more. “Sacrifice Me” is a bit more melodic with droning, monstrous vocals and an Alice In Chains feel. “The End of Love” is absolutely punishing!  While it doesn’t seem like Twitching Tongues can get any more angry, they do. The song maintains a medium pace, but it lacks nothing on the heaviness scale. “Cruci-Fixtion” is the perfect song to close this album. The blasphemous stance on organized religion is nothing new in this day and age, but the way it’s delivered here is brilliant. It boasts a maze of heavy guitars, chugging bass and war-like drums that build to a powerful crescendo that leaves you feeling absolutely pummeled. It is pure insanity!

As recent signees to Metal Blade Records, Twitching Tongues have something to show the world, and on Disharmony they most certainly do that. This album will most definitely be in my top 10 of the year!

Disharmony is out October 30 on Metal Blade Records. Pre-order it here!

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TwitchingTongues - Disharmony

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