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Twelve Foot Ninja may not be a familiar name to some of us here in the States, but in their home land of Australia, they have a massive following! Through their unique sound and emphatic live performances, they are truly making a name for themselves! Ever since the release of “Silent Machine“, the band has been on a tear throughout their country and earning much love from bands all over the world. Most notably, Periphery has become their biggest supporters and will even be making an appearance in their new video, but they need our help! The group recently launched an online crowd funding campaign to help make the new video the best it can possibly be. With promises of troll head explosions, ninja teleportation, Penthouse pets, and more, why would you not want to help!? Check out the pitch video for the campaign below and go here if you want to help make this happen!

Thanks to my friends at Metal Insider, I got to send some questions down under to their guitarist/producer, Stevic, about the new video, the band’s history, the future and more!

Enjoy the chat below!

MM- Since the band’s creation, Twelve Foot Ninja has been hard at work trying to break through into the United States scene, but obviously have a massive following in Australia. What’s the one thing that you feel is keeping the band from breaking here like you have at home?

Stevic- To be honest breaking through in the U.S was never a priority until we felt we could smash it at home first. In general, nobody takes foreign bands seriously unless they have a home story. We feel it is time to make that step now.

MM- You’ve received a ton of love from Liquid Metal and bands like Periphery, so with those guys behind you, it’s only a matter of time right?


Stevic- Absolutely. The support from José Mangin and the Liquid Metal team has been fantastic and Periphery are just amazing to us. We couldn’t be more grateful for bands introducing our music to their U.S fanbases. That connectivity makes a measurable impact.

MM- An obvious example of your dedicated fanbase is that you’ve already raised over $23,000 in our campaign for the new video! It’s only halfway there, but that’s got to make you feel good to see that support from the fans?

Stevic- It has been amazing so far! The interaction we have with our fanbase is a regular source of encouragement for the band.

MM- Like your previous videos, you really hold nothing back! Your videos are truly original and entertaining, and it’s something a lot of bands don’t really seem to do as much anymore. Why do you still feel that videos are as important as ever?

Stevic- Thank you for the kind words! I personally think there are 3 important elements in the space between someone liking a band or not: 1.) The music 2.) The identity 3.) The live experience. I think music videos bridge a gap between all of those. There is no second first impression and that is why videos are important; I think they represent a bands collective personality.

MM- On the campaign page you mention Periphery’s appearance, along with a giant stuffed bear and a Penthouse playmate. This sounds like it might be the most epic video ever created. In your opinion, what is the best video you’ve ever seen, and it doesn’t have to be metal!

Stevic- I have never been asked that before! There are so many great clips but Tribute by Tenacious D comes to mind! Jack Black is f*cking awesome.

MM- In the teaser for the clip, we see your friends in Periphery pop in and out, so I gotta ask how you became so close with those guys and what it means to have their undying support?

Stevic- We supported Periphery while they were in Melbourne and they just seemed to really dig our stuff. We (Twelve Foot Ninja) have always thought Periphery were incredible so I think a genuine mutual respect evolved between the two bands. As people they are down to earth, share a similar sense of humour and just decent blokes. Their support means a lot to us.

MM- The concept of the video is an all out attack on internet trolls. As much as trolls are annoying, do you feel that there is some necessity to them nowadays? AKA Bad publicity is still good publicity.

Stevic- I think it is all about context really. There is a line that trolls step over – it’s the line that separates constructive disagreement and vitriolic words with malicious intent.

tfncdMM- The video song is featured on the new record, “Silent Machine”, which is still yet to come out in the States. Is there any latest to when people here can get their hands on it and possibly see you on tour here?

Stevic- Our mission is to get to the U.S this year and establish a U.S. based distributor that “gets” the band so our U.S CD prices better reflect that market. Over here CD’s are comparatively expensive – not sure why that is!?

MM- For those of us that haven’t been lucky enough to see you, how would you describe your live show in three words? GO!

Stevic- Energetic. Tight. Unexpected.

MM- We look forward to the US release hopefully soon and new tours, and I’ll leave this open to you. Do you have anything else to say to the fans and future fans of the band?

Stevic- Jump on Halo Reach and let’s deathmatch! Gamertag: twelvefootninja!