Since the release of “Silent Machine” back in 2012, Twelve Foot Ninja has grown into one of the most exciting bands in the music industry. Their unique sound brings in audiences from all types of music, and their live show is just awesome. After seeing them live a few weeks ago, it’s no surprise why there is such a buzz around this group, and why they were named “Best New Talent” at this year’s Revolver Golden Gods Awards. Throughout their set you have people dancing, moshing, singing, screaming and it goes on for their entire show! The energy in the room was insane, and the band performed a flawless set that sounded as close to the record as humanly possible! Will I go see them again? Hell yes.

Before their set I got to sit down with Stevic and Russ to discuss their growing fan base, winning “Best New Talent,” drinking, the future and much more! Enjoy the hilarious chat below!



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